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The Fort Mojave Tribal Utilities Authority (FMTUA) Customer Service department is here to assist you with new service, disconnects or transfers, and billing information. We understand how important it is to have water and wastewater available on the day you move in. That’s why, once you request a service connection and we set a date to activate services, FMTUA promises to meet that appointment.
Customer Service office hours- Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

New Customers

To establish a new service for your residence you will need the following:
Submit all required documents and deposits (if applicable) together at the same time! Missing documents will delay the establishment of your account.
DocumentWaterWastewaterWater & Wastewater
Signed Application*xxx
Valid Picture Identificationxxx
Deposit or Letter of Creditxxx
Rental Lease Agreement Tenantsxx
Property owner / Tenant Form Tenants*xx
Final Settlement Statement or Closing Disclosure - Buyer or seller**xx

Deposit or Letter of Credit

* This form is available on our website, www.fmtua.com or at our office at 8780 South Highway 95 Mohave Valley Arizona
** Must include the names of the Seller/Buyer, property address and settlement closing date.
  • A deposit is required to establish service. This deposit will be returned to you via check or credit on account after 1 (one) year of service with good payment history – no more than 2 (two) late payments and no returned items or shut-offs.

WaterWastewaterWater & Wastewater
  • To avoid providing a deposit, a letter of credit will be accepted from another UTILITY The letter of credit must reference customer name, service address, a minimum length of 12 months service and payment history. A letter of credit with more than 2 (two) late payments or 2 (two) return payments or disconnections, return items or shut-offs will not be accepted.

Submitting documents – use the checklist above to ensure you have all documents together that need to be submitted. Submit all required documents and deposit if applicable together at the same time!

Customers Paying a Deposit:

MAIL or use the drop box in the front of our building to submit your documents and deposit. Envelopes are provided outside. DO NOT email any documents!

Customers Providing a Letter of Credit:

Email all documents to csr@fmtua.com. You can also mail them or utilize the dropbox in the front of our building. Envelopes are provided outside
FMTUA mailing address: PO Box 5559, Mohave Valley, AZ 86446
FMTUA dropbox address: 8780 S Highway 95, Mohave Valley, AZ 86440
Bills are due on the 15th of every month. Penalties will apply on the next business day